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Life can be unpredictable. No matter how careful you are to safeguard your life, your health, and your family by being careful and responsible—at home, at work, at play, or in your car—you can’t control the acts of others. Someone else’s negligent or careless act can cause an accident that can tear your life apart, leaving you unable to work, care for yourself and your family, or enjoy the activities that have always made your life worth living. A once full and productive life can become a life filled with pain, suffering, and disability, with medical bills pouring in. In the worst case, you may have suffered the loss of a beloved member of your family in a wrongful death.

What We Offer

Verdicts & Settlements

$15 M

Verdict in Wrongful Death Auto Accident in Clanton, Alabama

Family was struck head-on by drunk driver. One death and multiple, serious injuries by passengers.

$3 M

Policy Limits Settlement for Truck Accident in Mississippi

Clients were rear-ended by trucker who had been previously diagnosed with sleep apnea.

$2.2 M

Verdict for Wrongful Death Accident – (Limestone County)

Client was killed when he collided with a flat-bed trailer that was missing D.O.T. reflectors.

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Life is not always fair,
and this is especially
true when someone else’s
wrongdoing is the cause
of your suffering.

It may take months or years for you to get part of your old life back—or it may never be possible. Although the legal system in Alabama may not be able to get you back your health or the life of your loved one who died, it does allow you to hold the wrongdoer accountable for the harm you have suffered. In many cases, you can at least achieve some measure of justice by means of a legal action to recover monetary compensation for your damages.

Time is Limited

Don’t wait. Alabama limits the time you have to file your case. Don’t take a chance on losing your right to justice. Call Drake Law today.

Getting Help

The attorneys at the Drake Law Firm in Birmingham are here to help you obtain the compensation that will help you to get back on your feet, financially and medically, following an injury that was caused by the negligent, deliberate, or careless act of another. This is the entire focus of our personal injury and wrongful death law practice: we help the injured and bereaved when their damages are someone else’s fault. And because this is all we do, we are very, very good. Our legal knowledge, negotiating ability, and courtroom skills are top notch, as our long track record of successful recoveries for our clients proves. We have successfully resolved more than a thousand cases for our grateful clients in the past ten years, with a success rate of very close to 99 percent. That record is hard to beat.

Is a Lawyer Necessary?

The law allows you to attempt to negotiate a settlement on your own. But this generally means going up against wealthy insurance companies who have very sophisticated defense attorneys and financial resources that can seldom be matched by an individual. For most people, having to sue for a personal injury or wrongful death may happen only once in a lifetime. Insurance companies deal with these situations every day. To prevail in your pursuit of justice, you need to level the playing field with an equally experienced and sophisticated personal injury attorney on your side—one that you will find at Birmingham’s Drake Law Firm.

"Most of our clients come to us by referral from satisfied clients and other
legal professionals. We even have clients referred to us by insurance lawyers
who opposed us in court. We think that says a lot about our commitment to
integrity and maintaining an open line of communication with our clients
throughout the case."

— Whit Drake