Case Results

These recoveries and settlements are not an indication or guarantee of future results. Every personal injury case is different, and regardless of what friends, family or others may say about the value of a case, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they may apply to the law.

$62 million

Settlement for Wrongful Death

Mining roof collapsed resulting in the death of workers.

$49 million

Settlement for Wrongful Death

An explosion at a job site resulted in the death of 4 workers.

$15 million

Verdict for a Wrongful Death Auto Accident

in Wrongful Death Auto Accident – (Clanton Al). Family was struck head-on by drunk driver. One death and multiple, serious injuries by passengers.

$5 million

Verdict for Gadsden Auto Accident

Deceased was struck by a speeding drunk driver who was indicted for vehicular manslaughter.

8 figure settlement

Settlement for Industrial Explosion

Work Accident Resulting in Multiple Deaths and Injuries. A faulty product was blamed for causing an explosion that injured and killed multiple workers.

$3 million

Policy Limits Settlement

for Truck Accident – (Mississippi) Clients were rear-ended by trucker who had been previously diagnosed with sleep apnea. Allegation was that his employer knew of his ailment and negligently allowed him to drive.

$2.5 million

Malpractice Verdict

(Birmingham, AL) Woman was admitted to local hospital for pneumonia. A central venous line was improperly placed, resulting in emboli forming in her arm that subsequently had to be amputated. Suit was against two doctors and hospital.

$1 million

Settlement for Funeral Home Negligence

North Alabama nursing home negligently prepared the body for viewing by the family, resulting in mental distress and shock.

$2.2 million

Verdict for Job Death

for Wrongful Death Accident – (Limestone County) Client was killed when he collided with a flat-bed trailer that was missing D.O.T. reflectors. He was driving a buggy out of a warehouse for an independent contractor hired by General Motors.

$1.25 million

Settlement Product Liability

for On the Job Amputation – (Chattanooga, Tenn.). Product liability suit was brought against manufacturer of lift bucket truck. Client was electrocuted when the boom on the truck came into contact with an electrical wire.