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Amputations and Dismemberment

Alabama Loss of Limb Lawyers

At Drake Law firm, we pride ourselves on handling hundreds of claims for Alabama citizens arising out of accidents resulting in serious amputation injuries. Whether it’s a work accident, defective product or car wreck, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly investigate, prosecute and resolve claims involving lost digits and limbs.

Sample Amputation Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Whisenant v. Gulf States Steel (Gadsden Al) – Client had three fingers amputated by a slitter machine while on the job. Suit was brought against the company that leased and serviced the machine. An OSHA expert testified at trial that the machine did not have adequate guarding around the area where the injury occurred. The jury returned a verdict of $400,000.

Williams v. bucket truck manufacturer – Client was electrocuted when his uninsulated bucket came into contact with an energized wire. The electricity ran through his body and out his arm, resulting in the surgical removal of his arm. Product liability claim was brought against the bucket truck manufacturer. Settlement was reached for $1,250,000.

Miles v. Defendant driver (Jefferson County) – While working as a garbage truck operator, client was struck by a vehicle that pinned him against his truck. This accident led to an amputated leg. Settlement was for the full policy limits of $1,000,000 from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance carrier.

Client v. Defendant driver (Birmingham) – Client was t-boned by young girl who ran a red light. The damage to his thigh was so severe that the UAB doctors had no choice but to remove his leg right below the hip. Although the other driver strongly denied responsibility, and the client was retired with no lost wages, settlement was reached for $400,000.

Oliver v. Medical Center East (Birmingham) – $2.5 million dollar verdict for woman who was a patient at MCE in Birmingham. A complication arose that prevented adequate blood flow to her right arm. This necessitated an amputation of her arm above the elbow.

North Alabama Settlement – $400,000 settlement for job injury involving a crushed foot. Client was wearing steel-toed boots when a 1,000 pound die fell onto his foot. Part of his foot had to be amputated. Case proceeded against employer and the parent company.

Amputation Accidents at Work

While dismemberment or lost limb injuries can occur from auto accidents or defective products, most amputees we have represented sustain their injury while on-the-job. Unfortunately, workers comp benefits for a loss of limb are ridiculously low. However, a claim for full compensation can still be made against a responsible “third-party” other than the employer, such as a product manufacturer or other contractor. We have handled hundreds of claims for workers who have lost digits, fingers and toes due to improperly guarded machines and presses.

Phantom Pain

Medical research suggests that over 51% of all amputees suffer from phantom pain. The drug of choice to treat phantom pain is neurontin. Although the drug can reduce some of the pain, many amputees do not experience any reduction in their level of pain. Drake Law Firm makes a point of thoroughly documenting phantom pain through the testimony of the client’s treating physician. We realize that for many of our clients, this continuing pain is due as much compensation as the original amputation itself.

Future Medical Treatment and Prosthetics

In all the cases we handle, we make a point of claiming compensation for future medical treatment, specifically for the costs associated with replacement prosthetics. Additionally, advances in medical technology and robotics may make future prosthetic devices much more helpful to amputees. For example, medical prosthesis manufacturers have recently developed bionic arms that are activated by brain signals. So, providing for future medical bills is all the more important as technology advances.

Help For Your Amputation Injury

Although money itself can never end the pain, discomfort and loss of mobility caused by the loss of a limb, adequate compensation for future lost wages and medical care can provide a degree of financial support for the life expectancy of the client. Give Drake Law firm a call if you have sustained a dismemberment injury from a work accident, defective product or car accident. Our Birmingham amputation attorneys will work with you to explore all possible avenues of recovery.

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