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Anniston Head & Back Injuries

Many serious accidents in Anniston result in injuries to the head and back as well as the neck, brain and spinal cord. Catastrophic injury accidents can inflict lifelong injuries, disabilities, and pain and suffering on the victim. At Drake Law Firm, we represent clients with head and back injuries after all types of accidents in Calhoun County, Alabama. Our attorneys use proven legal strategies to obtain maximum compensation for life-changing injuries. Request a free consultation at our local law firm today to learn about your case and legal options.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our decades of combined legal experience in personal injury law give us an in-depth understanding of this practice area.
  • Our attorneys can take serious head and back injury cases to court in Anniston if we believe it will be necessary for full compensation.
  • Our legal strategies and attention to detail have allowed us to obtain top compensation for past clients.
  • Our Anniston head and back injury attorneys take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning no legal costs for you as our client unless we win your case.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Catastrophic Injuries

An injury to the head or back can be catastrophic. This means it causes a permanent disability, chronic pain and suffering, or otherwise significantly interferes with your life. Serious injuries demand serious legal action. Hiring a lawyer in Anniston gives you an edge during insurance settlement negotiations. Your attorney can aggressively pursue maximum compensation on your behalf while you focus on your recovery. Your lawyer will not allow an insurance claims adjuster to deceive you, treat your claim in bad faith or take advantage of you.

How to Choose Your Attorney in Anniston

The injury lawyer you choose to represent you during a head or back injury claim can make a major difference to the outcome of your case. Your attorney should have the experience and knowledge in your practice area to see your claim through from start to finish. Select your attorney wisely for the best possible results.

  • Practice area experience (car accident, slip and fall, etc.)
  • Positive past case results and client testimonials
  • Passion for helping accident victims
  • Personal service and one-on-one client care
  • The ability to take an injury case to court
  • Reputation of excellence in your city or community
  • Affordable and reasonable legal fees
  • Open communication and transparency

Schedule a free consultation with the attorneys at Drake Law Firm to meet with a lawyer and get to know how our law firm operates. You should feel a personal connection with your lawyer and be able to trust him or her with your head or back injury case.

Compensation Available for Head and Back Injuries

Common head injuries include concussions, traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures. Back injuries can include spinal cord fractures, slipped disks, herniated disks and paralysis. These are serious injuries that demand compensation if someone else could have prevented them. A successful injury claim can lead to compensation for your injury-related medical bills, pain and suffering, past and future lost wages, property repairs, legal expenses, and other damages. If you or a loved one has a permanent disability due to head or back injury, you could achieve a settlement or verdict that helps you pay for lifelong medical care.

Contact Our Anniston Head and Back Injury Lawyers

Do not trust just any attorney with an injury case as serious as one involving the head, brain, neck or back. You need an Anniston head and back injury lawyer with compassion, experience and aggressive legal strategies for the best results. Drake Law Firm has everything you need for a strong claim to damages against any defendant in Alabama. Let us review your case for signs of someone else’s negligence. We can evaluate your accident and let you know what we believe it might be worth. Then, if we accept your case, we can advocate for fair compensation on your behalf. Start by scheduling a free consultation in Anniston. Call (205) 970-0800 or connect with us online today.

"Most of our clients come to us by referral from satisfied clients and other
legal professionals. We even have clients referred to us by insurance lawyers
who opposed us in court. We think that says a lot about our commitment to
integrity and maintaining an open line of communication with our clients
throughout the case."

— Whit Drake