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Every day, thousands of large trucks cross through the state of Alabama. It takes only one tired, overworked or distracted truck driver to change your life forever. If you were recently injured in a truck accident in Vestavia Hills, the truck accident lawyers at Drake Injury Lawyers can help you put your life back together. We know how drastically these accidents can impact your life and what you need to minimize the consequences of the crash. Learn the options that are available to you after a truck accident with a free legal consultation.

What Sets Drake Injury Lawyers Apart?

  • At Drake Injury Lawyers, personal injury law is all that we do. This gives us in-depth knowledge and experience we can use in your case.
  • We have over 25 years of experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our truck accident lawyers are trusted legal advocates for crash survivors and family members.
  • Our truck accident lawyers accept cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t pay your lawyer until he or she secures financial compensation.

Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident in Alabama?

In Alabama, the fault insurance law makes it a requirement to determine who or what caused your crash before you file a claim. Liability, or financial responsibility, is complicated in a truck accident case. Unlike a typical car accident case that only involves two drivers, a truck accident can involve a truck driver, trucking company, cargo company, truck owner and other parties. The rule of vicarious liability may apply to your case and make a trucking company responsible for your accident even if it was the truck driver’s fault. The trucking company could also be at fault for its own mistakes, such as violating federal safety laws or failing to properly train its drivers.

Determining liability and understanding related laws, such as vicarious liability, in a truck accident case can be easier with assistance from an attorney. An attorney can investigate your truck accident, determine causation, search for signs or evidence of fault, hire experts, and take other actions to hold one or more parties accountable for your collision. At Drake Injury Lawyers, our Birmingham truck accident attorneys understand the leading causes of truck accidents in Alabama and how to hold someone responsible for your losses.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

There are several ways in which truck accidents differ from car accidents. One is the severity of the injuries involved. Commercial truck accidents are some of the worst disasters on the road. The average size and weight of a big rig can result in a catastrophic collision and life-threatening injuries for victims. Common injuries suffered in truck accidents in Alabama include:

Along with much more serious injuries, truck accidents in Alabama can also require more intensive medical care and bills for victims. You may have to spend much more time in the hospital and lose more time at work. By hiring a skilled truck accident lawyer to represent you, you can fight for fair and full financial compensation for all of your past and future losses. In the case of a fatal truck accident, our Birmingham wrongful death attorneys can help you file your claim and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Dealing with a truck accident insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit on your own after an accident in Vestavia Hills, Alabama can be difficult and risky. Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer from Drake Injury Lawyers, on the other hand, can allow you to correctly navigate the legal system and seek fair financial compensation for your losses. A trucking company or another party may be responsible for your serious injuries.

We can help you hold someone accountable and demand justice after a devastating truck accident. Contact our Vestavia Hills personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation by calling (205) 970-0800 or briefly describing your accident in an online message.