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Posted by Editor  |  April 30, 2018

What Is Negligent Entrustment?

A personal injury claim in Birmingham might involve the legal doctrine of “negligent entrustment.” Negligent entrustment refers to the wrongdoing of providing a dangerous device to someone who cannot handle it safely or properly. Someone guilty of negligent entrustment might be liable for injuries or damages the second person causes with the dangerous device...
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Posted by Editor  |  April 26, 2018

What Can I Expect During a Personal Injury Deposition?

Don’t let the legal term “deposition” intimidate you during a personal injury lawsuit in Alabama. Working with a lawyer and knowing exactly what to expect can give you much greater peace of mind during depositions. A deposition is a necessary legal process in some injury claims that cannot successfully settle outside of the courtroom....
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Posted by Editor  |  April 19, 2018

What Is the Alabama Homeowner’s Responsibility When Serving Alcohol?

Many Alabama party hosts don’t realize they could face serious legal trouble for serving alcohol to the wrong guests. Dram shop laws and social host liability in Alabama don’t let alcohol servers and social hosts get away with intoxicating a person who later causes injury or death to another. It might seem unfair to...
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Posted by Editor  |  April 17, 2018

What Is Alabama’s Move Over Law?

Alabama’s Move Over Act is something all drivers in the state should understand before hitting the road. Alabama Code Section 32-5A-58.2 establishes the Act, which requires all motorists to move over one or more lanes whenever possible for stopped law enforcement vehicles. Drivers must move over for other stopped vehicles as well. Failure to...
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Posted by Editor  |  April 11, 2018

Product Liability and Guns

Product liability lawsuits are claims injured consumers can make against manufacturers, sellers, and distributors in the event of defective or dangerous products. Like all states, Alabama has product liability laws that regulate when and why injured consumers can file lawsuits against manufacturing companies. When it comes to lawsuits regarding companies in the gun industry,...
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Posted by Editor  |  April 9, 2018

When Would You File a 3rd Party Claim in Workplace Injury?

Alabama’s workers’ compensation program might not be the only means of recovery available to you as an injured employee. As is the case in most states, Alabama’s workers’ compensation program does not prevent an employee from pursuing additional damages in a personal injury lawsuit – as long as the defendant is a third party...
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Posted by Editor  |  April 2, 2018

What Is the Alabama Guest Statute? As a passenger riding in a vehicle that crashes, you need to know about the Alabama Guest Statute. You might have serious injuries that require medical attention and take you out of work for a few weeks, or post-traumatic stress disorder flashbacks of the crash haunting you. Is someone liable for these damages?...
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