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Truck Accidents

Posted by Mary Bruce  |  September 12, 2023

Trailer Jackknife Incidents: The Most Common Causes and How to Avoid Them

Table of Contents What causes a trailer to jackknife? The Three Basic Causes of Skidding and Jackknifing Delving Deeper: How Do Jackknives Happen? Which Trailer is Most Likely to Jackknife? Prevention: How Do You Avoid Jackknifing a Trailer? Understanding the Consequences: Is Jackknifing a Trailer Bad? Further Insights: Jackknifing During Specific Scenarios FAQs Conclusion...
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Posted by 1p21.admin  |  January 30, 2023

The Difference Between a Car Accident and Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents are devastating collisions that often cause life-changing injuries, especially to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. When it comes to pursuing financial compensation for a truck accident in Alabama, you may have to contend with several unique issues. Commercial truck accident claims are not like typical car accident insurance claims. For this...
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Posted by 1p21.admin  |  October 27, 2022

Who Is Responsible for an Unsecured Load Accident?

Every year, hundreds of traffic accidents involving large commercial trucks are reported to law enforcement in Alabama. While most of these accidents are vehicle-to-vehicle collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles, some involve unsecured cargo and lost loads. If a tractor-trailer loses its cargo in transit and a victim gets injured or dies as a...
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Posted by 1p21.admin  |  September 12, 2022

What Is a Rapid Response Team in a Truck Accident?

Being injured in a truck accident is frightening and confusing enough without also having to deal with a truck company’s rapid response team. Trucking companies send these teams to the scene of accidents immediately – sometimes arriving even before the police – to gather evidence and start building a case that protects the truck...
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Posted by 1p21.admin  |  July 13, 2022

How Can Truck Driver Fatigue Cause Accidents?

Driver fatigue is the most common reason for accidents on roads and highways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 600 deaths in 2019 occurred due to drowsy driving. Truck drivers are tired and fatigued since they spend long hours on the road. Fatigue can lead slow their response on...
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