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Hit and Run

Posted by Mary Bruce  |  September 12, 2023

Statute of Limitations for Hit and Run Incidents: A Legal Perspective

In the blink of an eye, a routine drive can turn into a life-altering event, especially when a hit and run incident occurs. Such incidents not only leave victims in shock but also present a myriad of legal complexities. Understanding these legal intricacies, particularly in Alabama, is crucial for both victims and perpetrators. The...
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Posted by Editor  |  March 14, 2016

Hit and Run Injury Law In Alabama

Hit and run accidents are very common in Alabama. The most serious, direct consequence to the injured victims is that they are left without any compensation (assuming the at-fault driver cannot be located). However, Alabama law does provide a opportunity for victims to be compensated so long as several things are proven. Step One:...
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