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Posted by Editor  |  December 19, 2018

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Alabama?

Table of Contents Can You Lane Split on a Motorcycle in Alabama? Overview of Motorcycle Laws in Alabama The Grandfather Clause for Motorcycle Licenses Lane Sharing Vs. Lane Splitting The New Left Lane Law in Alabama Understanding the Lane Change Law in Alabama FAQs Conclusion Motorcycling, for many, is not just a mode of...
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Posted by Editor  |  December 17, 2018

How Do Dock Electrocutions Happen?

Dock electrocutions are a serious – if lesser-known – risk of drowning in Alabama. They can cause electric shock drowning, or a death that occurs when swimmers encounter electric currents while swimming. The electric shock itself may be strong enough to kill the swimmer, or it may incapacitate the swimmer enough to cause drowning....
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Posted by Editor  |  December 14, 2018

How to Prevent Wrong-Way Accidents

Every year in the U.S., wrong-way accidents kill 300 to 400 people on average. Wrong-way accidents are particularly devastating collisions. A vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on a road or highway can cause a head-on collision – one of the deadliest types of car accidents. In a head-on collision, the vehicles collide at...
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Posted by Editor  |  December 12, 2018

How to Save the Life of a Motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in car accidents than passenger vehicle occupants, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Vulnerabilities to serious personal injuries in auto accidents put motorcyclists at great risk every time they travel. In Alabama alone, 114 motorcyclists and moped riders lost their lives in 2016. Although riding a...
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Posted by Editor  |  December 10, 2018

How to Avoid Daycare Nightmares

Parents trust daycare centers in Alabama with the safety, health, and lives of their children. Unfortunately, not all childcare companies deserve this trust. Leaving your child at daycare should not end with a phone call about an emergency situation. As a parent, the best way to protect your child’s well-being is to check the...
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Posted by Editor  |  December 5, 2018

Winter Driving Tips for Alabama

Winter driving in Alabama can change abruptly. The state does not receive predictable snowfall each year, often making it difficult for drivers to prepare for the winter weather. Many drivers may encounter their first snow-driving experiences during one of Alabama’s occasional snowstorms. It is important to review safe-driving tips and best practices before hitting...
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Posted by Editor  |  December 5, 2018

What do I do if I was hit by someone texting while driving?

If you or your vehicle are struck by a distracted driver who was texting while driving,  it is important to tell the police officer who arrives at the scene.  According to Alabama Code §32-5A-350, it is against the law to use a cellular telephone or other similar device to send or receive text based communications,...
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Posted by Editor  |  December 3, 2018

The Dangers of ATVs and Young Drivers

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are popular in Alabama – especially on farms and in rural regions. ATVs are useful for outdoor work and for recreational purposes. Although most ATV manufacturers stipulate that minors under the age of 16 should not operate ATVs alone or unsupervised, many families make the mistake of assuming they are safe...
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