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Although an injury to any part of your body can be debilitating, injuries involving the head or back are often catastrophic. These are delicate parts of the body with a lot of opportunities for injury. A catastrophic injury is one that permanently interferes with your ability to perform gainful work. It can describe a spinal cord fracture, skull fracture or traumatic brain injury.

At Drake Injury Lawyers, we are passionate about helping people in Huntsville with serious head and back injuries seek fair compensation for their damages – especially if they will live with the repercussions of an injury for life. Our personal injury attorneys can review your case and go over your rights during a free consultation. Contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

  • We speak to our clients one on one, prioritizing the personal relationship with clients. Our attorneys believe in the power of custom-tailored legal strategies.
  • We understand head and back injury claims. We have decades of combined legal experience and over $100 million won throughout our firm’s history.
  • We are proud of our excellent reputation in Madison County, Alabama. Our lawyers have the highest possible AV rating.
  • We help clients in Huntsville with head and back injury claims on a contingency fee basis, with no fees assessed for our services unless we win.

When to Call a Back Injury Lawyer

It is always important to protect your legal rights by hiring an attorney after an accident related to someone else’s negligence. If an accident inflicted an injury to your head, brain, back, neck or spinal cord, you may have greater damages than the average claimant. It is, therefore, even more critical to hire a lawyer before you try to negotiate an insurance settlement on your own. A specialized back injury lawyer can make sure the defendant does not get away with offering you far less than the accurate value of your head or back injury. You can focus on recuperating from your serious injury while a lawyer handles your personal injury claim process for you.

Types of Head and Back Injuries

At Drake Injury Lawyers, our years representing clients throughout Alabama have given us insights regarding all types of injuries and how they affect victims, including catastrophic injuries. We know precisely how to help clients with different kinds of head and back injuries recover compensation from defendants during personal injury claims. Our head and back injury lawyers are skilled storytellers who know how to convey the seriousness of an injury to insurance companies, judge and juries.

Our back injury lawyers have what it takes to accurately evaluate injuries, collect medical evidence, and present a case in or out of court for a client with a head or back injury in Madison County. If we think you have a case after your free initial consultation and offer to represent you, we can help you initiate the settlement process as soon as possible.

Compensation Available

One of the main goals of submitting an injury claim is to obtain recovery for your accident-related losses. A successful head or back injury claim against a party in Huntsville could result in financial compensation for many different damages.

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability or immobility
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damages
  • Legal expenses
  • Wrongful death damages
  • Punitive damages

Our attorneys have obtained many awards over $1 million for seriously injured clients in the past. While this does not guarantee future results, it shows our dedication and commitment to yielding the best possible results for our clients.

Contact a Back Injury Lawyer in Huntsville

If you or someone you love has a serious head or back injury from an accident in Huntsville, please do not hesitate to contact Drake Injury Lawyers for a free consultation. You may have grounds to bring an injury claim against one or more parties in pursuit of financial compensation. If so, contact us online and our attorneys can help you work through the details of your case. Call (205) 970-0800 to speak with our Huntsville personal injury attorneys today for more information.