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The Long-Term Costs of Amputation Injuries

Posted on November 30, 2022

Amputations are some of the most physically and emotionally devastating injuries that can be suffered in preventable accidents in Alabama. Many different accidents can cause dismemberment or the loss of a limb, including motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents and agricultural disasters. If a victim plans on seeking compensation for an amputation injury, our experienced team of Birmingham amputation injury lawyers recommend that they do not leave out any of the long-term costs.

Medical Care

A loss of limb is a catastrophic injury that requires a great deal of medical care. First, the accident victim will need an ambulance, paramedics, trauma care, emergency aid, surgery (in many cases) and stay in an intensive care unit. After the extremity has been removed or the wound has been treated, the patient will then require long-term or ongoing care.

The medical recovery process for an amputation injury is extensive. Our Birmingham car accident lawyers know the reality of the long recovery process for an amputation injury victim after a catastrophic car crash. It often includes doctor’s appointments, visits with a loss of limb specialist, revision surgeries, prescription and over-the-counter medications, advanced medical technologies, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The long-term medical costs of an amputation injury alone can exceed $500,000.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a major part of adapting to life as an amputee. After losing an extremity, a patient will receive help from an amputation rehabilitation team that consists of physical medicine and rehabilitation experts. The patient will then undergo a regimen of physical therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation to build and restore functional abilities. Therapy and rehabilitation can help a patient improve muscle strength, adapt to the disability, learn how to live independently and utilize custom prosthetics (if used). This necessary care represents another source of long-term spending for a patient.

Prosthetics and Adaptive Equipment

Not everyone who has an amputated limb wants or needs a prosthetic. If a patient decides that he or she wants an artificial device, the price tag can be significant. Modern prosthetics are highly complex and made with new technology and interfaces. While these devices can change the life of a patient, they can cost $10,000 for a basic model to $70,000 or more for advanced prosthetics.

The cost is even greater for small children with missing limbs, as they will need to replace prosthetic devices as they grow. With or without prosthetic limbs involved, a person living with an amputation injury will most likely need to pay for disability accommodations. This may include home or vehicle modifications and adaptive equipment to make life easier and improve personal independence.

Losses of Income

Our Birmingham personal injury attorneys know that an injury as catastrophic as a loss of limb is likely to take an employee out of work for weeks or months while he or she receives medical care, goes through physical therapy, and adapts to his or her new life. In addition to lost wages, a victim may suffer from long-term lost capacity to earn if an amputation injury interferes with his or her ability to work in the future. Lost income, employment benefits and earning opportunities can cost an individual hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

Lost Enjoyment of Life

Living with an amputated limb or digit also takes a significant emotional toll. A loss of limb can cause substantial emotional distress, mental anguish and psychological harm. Many amputees experience mental health crises after their injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder, low feelings of self-worth, grief, mourning and depression. In addition to lost enjoyment and diminished overall quality of life, someone with an amputation injury may also suffer from chronic physical pain, nerve damage and phantom limb syndrome.

Seeking Compensation for an Amputation Injury in Birmingham, AL

If you or a loved one suffered an amputation injury in an avoidable accident in Alabama, you may be entitled to financial compensation for all of your long-term costs. Careless, reckless and wrongful acts that result in an amputation injury can make the at-fault party liable for your losses. Discuss the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit for a loss of limb by contacting an attorney at Drake Injury Lawyers for more information.