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Posted by Editor  |  June 25, 2018

Can Video Surveillance and Audio Tapes Be Used in Personal Injury Cases?

With modern technology, the ability to produce photos, video, and audio recordings is in almost anyone’s hands. These developments mean it’s much easier now to produce surveillance footage than before, which can have an impact on trials of all kinds. In a personal injury case, recorded evidence can determine who is at fault in...
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Posted by Editor  |  June 20, 2018

Can I Seek Compensation for a Defective Smoke Detector?

Fires create many hazards to those trapped in, or exposed to, one. Burns are an obvious injury, but fires also put people at risk for inhaling toxins through smoke and a lack of essential oxygen. When it comes to home fires, many causes can be at fault: electric wiring can cause shortages, unattended candles...
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Posted by Editor  |  June 18, 2018

What Is a Hospital Lien?

Hospital liens are a right of hospitals and emergency care services. Liens enable a hospital to receive first payment from the negligent third-party to the injured victim. In other words, while you file your claim against the responsible party of your accident, the lien gives the hospital first rights to any payment you receive...
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Posted by Editor  |  June 13, 2018

What Does the Jury NOT Get to Know in a Personal Injury Case?

Just as in all court cases, personal injury cases require evidence for a jury to reach a verdict. The evidential components of a case are critical in determining who is at fault for an accident, and the many forms of physical evidence and testimony all play a role in the result. Evidence laws determine...
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Posted by Editor  |  June 11, 2018

What Is Subrogation in a Personal Injury Claim?

In the case of accidental injury, it may be necessary to go to the emergency room or receive treatment. Most of us will submit our bills to our insurance companies following medical treatment. However, after paying (or even sometimes before you pay), your insurer may contact you, asking for more details about your injury...
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Posted by Editor  |  June 6, 2018

What Are Alabama’s Pedestrian Rules Of The Road?

Alabama road rules do not just dictate the legal use of motor vehicles but also the actions of pedestrians crossing roadways, walking on roads, or near roads. Like laws concerning motor vehicles, these laws protect both pedestrians and motorists from the dangers of cross traffic and busy roads. When Do Pedestrians Have the Right...
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Posted by Editor  |  June 4, 2018

Do “Beware of Dog” Signs Legally Protect Dog Owners From Lawsuits?

In Alabama, victims can sue pet owners if the pet causes injury or damage. Some attempt to warn people that a dog is on the premises, but that may cause more problems in the event of a lawsuit. In the interest of protecting yourself from legal consequences, you may choose to place a Beware...
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